The Lightsaber Knights Tournaments are held occasionally throughout the course of each year. They usually take place in the Hemisfair Park in San Antonio, TX though there has been discussion of changing venues due to up coming renovations at the park.

The tournament currently consists of two events, the Lightsaber Control event and the One on One Dueling competition.

Tournament Events

Lightsaber Control

This event is all about demonstration, each contestant is given a set period of time within which they display their control of their blade. This can be in the form of a pure display of dexterity or by fighting the "invisible man".

One on One Dueling

This event is a one on one single elimination tournament. Each round consists of a best of three bout between two entrants with the winner moving on to the next round. the number of rounds is dictated purely by the number entrants.


The winners of each event will receive a coveted black membership crystal and any other prizes that the Masters Council has added to the pot.