Crystal presentation

Knighting cermony of new Knight at Texas Comicon 2012


There are several ways that the Lightsaber Knights give recognition to the skills and accomplishments of its members. One such way is the presention of a lightsaber crystal necklace, presented by the Masters Council to someone they feel has earned it. While there is no true metric for deciding who has earned their crystal, there must be a general concensus among the Knights' leadership before it is presented to anybody.

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Examples of Membership Crystals

In most cases, there is a simple ceremony where the masters present the crystal (whose color is chosen by the recipient) in front of the rest of the group.

From this point on, the recipient is no longer considered an initiate, and can be relied upon to help teach basic moves and saber cadences to new members, and should begin to break away from the group's structured teachings and begin to develop their own fighting style.