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Karl Bastian (left) and Ricky Mendoza (right) were the original founding members of the Lightsaber Knights.

The Lightsaber Knights were founded with the idea of having an organized setting to work on lightsaber-based choreography and stage fighting. Karl Bastian and Ricky Mendoza met during another lightsaber related function put on by the Star Wars Society of San Antonio (SWSSA), who are a local Star Wars costuming and volunteer group. Both immediatly recognized in the other a passion for lightsaber combat. As time passed, they wanted a more structured system to train themselves and others that would be both fun and productive.

So in June of 2011, they hosted the first meeting and training session of the Lightsaber Knights at the Sunken Gardens (also known as the Japanese Tea Gardens) in San Antonio, Texas. There was a turnout of more than 20 people, which set a good precident for the future.

As time passed, old members left and new members joined, and the Lightsaber Knights grew. They contunied to use SWSSA as one of their main recruiting grounds, and still do to this day. Karl and Ricky both developed and honed their own teaching styles and now teach new, unique fighting sequences as well as simple saber cadences and repitions.