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Darth Zandred was a Dark Lord of the Sith. Born as Taros Mar, little is known about his early childhood. He was taken to the moon Ruusan where he watched the death of his father at the hands of the natives. From there, his ascension as a Sith Lord is shrouded in mystery.

During the Rebellion Era, he began to amass followers to his stronghold on Haffrin in an attempt to create a new Sith Empire, with him at its head.


Taros Mar was a human male of unknown origin. Early in his youth, he accompanied his father to the mid-rim world of Ruusan. There, he watched his father's accidental death during a cave-in. Guided by the native Bouncer species who recognized his Force-sensitivity, he was taken to the ancient battle field of the Last Battle of Ruusan.

What occurred next is largely a mystery, though it has been theorized that the essence of the Sith Lords who had fallen victim to the Thought Bomb took him and instructed him in the ways of the ancient Sith. Through meditation and divination, he became aware of the goings-on in the galaxy at large. During the Clone Wars, after the destruction of the Skytop Station by Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and his padawan Ahsoka Tano, he abandoned Ruusan. He used the galaxy-wide conflict to hide his movements and intentions, and secretly build a massive stronghold on the outer-rim world of Haffrin, and began to rally other darksiders to his cause.

Zandred was disgusted by Darth Sidious and his adherence to Darth Bane's "Rule of Two". Zandred meant to rebuild the Sith armies of old and overthrow the Emperor and claim the galaxy for himself. To that end, he took in any and all darksiders who would join him and trained them as warriors.

Powers and Abilities-

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Darth Zandred was an immensely skilled lightsaber duelist, utilizing Jar'Kai to great effect, though he would be often become reliant on his second lightsaber and was at a severely handicapped if forced to wield a single blade. Zandred possessed many exotic and strange Force powers, including the ability to generate dark side-imbued weapons from darkness or shadow. In particular, he was fond of creating and launching projectile "black spears" which he could conjure from concentrated darkside energy, though this act heavily drained his powers for many hours afterwards. He was also known to dabble in such techniques as Sith Alchemy, midichlorian manipulation, and transfer of essence, though these is no concrete evidence to corroborate these abilities.