Darth Ghardor

“You can either listen to me and keep applying pressure to that, or you can die. It doesn’t make any difference to me.”

-Darth Ghardor, speaking to one of Darth Zandred’s wounded lieutenants

Darth Ghardor, born as Kagan Rett, was a Sith Lord who worked as the Chief Medical Officer within Darth Zandred’s Sith Army on Haffrin. Although young, he rose through the ranks quickly due to his natural abilities as a Force healer, and Zandred was keen to keep him close to ensure that his best fighters were kept alive and healthy.


Kagan Rett was born in 25 BBY on the planet Dromund Fels. Little is known about his early life or childhood, other than his training as a medic. Unbeknownst to him, Rett was Force sensitive and was exceptionally skilled at healing mortal wounds, due in no small part to his unconscious use of the Force to guide him.

Rett was forcibly recruited by Darth Zandred, who sensed Rett’s connection to the Force, and was trained in the ways of the Sith. Although initially conscripted as an indentured servant, Zandred recognized his gifts as a healer and he was soon given a coveted place among Zandred’s personal entourage.

Dubbed Darth Ghardor, he was granted the rank of Chief Medical Officer, and tended directly to the top warriors and key members of Zandred’s growing army. While he was initially compassionate (by Sith standards), he gradually grew more jaded and apathetic as his comrades failed to heed his medical advice, often with disastrous results, forcing him to work long, arduous hours.

Powers and Abilities

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Darth Ghardor was a highly skilled surgeon and medic, using both the Force and conventional medicine to treat his patients. Garrdor was able to further refine his skills during his time working on Haffrin. Additionally, Darth Zandred himself shared many of his secret knowledge of Sith Sorcery and Alchemy.

While not specialized as a warrior, Ghardor was still capable in battle, utilizing both Makashi and Soresu to great effect, though his smaller stature often hampered him during combat.