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Buria Mahathis was a human Jedi Knight during the Rebellion Era, and a member of the Jedi faction during the Haffrin Conflict. He was well known for his connection to the Living Force, especially as it pertained to wild flora and fauna. He was an expert woodsman and tracker.

By chance, he survived Order 66 and went into hiding on his home world of Chandrila, until he joined Neofius Ozzarak and the other Jedi to hunt down a darkside cult.

Early Life

Buria Mahathis was born on Chandrila in 49 BBY. He was not discovered to be Force-sensitive until he was already 6 years old. His Force-sensitivity had manifested its self as a deep connection to the forests of his home world, and he was very much in tune with the plant and animal life of the forests of Chandrila.

He was taken to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant to begin his training, though through the years he yearned to return to the woods of Chandrila. At the age of 22, he passed his trials and was appointed to the rank of Jedi Knight. As a Jedi Guardian, he was well known for his skills as a tracker and woodsman, and as such was frequently deployed on solo reconnaissance missions on heavily forested worlds.

It was during one such mission to the Spade Forest in the Null system that Order 66 and Operation: Knightfall were carried out. Mahathis was alone with no Clone Troopers to turn on him. It was not until days later that he realized what had happened.

Disguising himself as a tradesman, he returned to his home world of Chandril, where he used his skills to remain hidden in the planet’s dense woods.

The Haffrin Conflict

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It was not until years later that he felt a tremor in the Force as other survivor drew near to him. Neofius Ozzarak was seeking out other Jedi survivors to help him track down a rogue Darkside cult, obsessed with resurrecting Lord Zaric.

Reaching out through the Force, Ozzarak found Mahathis on Chandril and asked him to join in the search. Mahathis accepted and, for a second time, left his beloved forest with the Jedi.

Mahathis helped his new companions track the darksiders to the remote Outer Rim world of Haffrin. But they were mistaken: it was not the Zarites, but instead Darth Zandred and his growing army that awaited them on Haffrin. Not wanting his forces to be discovered until he was ready, Zandred sent his minions to sabotage the Jedi’s transport, stranding them there and setting into motion the events that would lead to the Haffrin Conflict.